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I’m a creature of habit but some of them aren’t necessarily good ones. That’s all about to change because I’ve found an app that promises to “change your life” by teaching you new, good habits.

Lift - Build better habits, change your life A couple of weeks ago, while I was enjoying a complimentary Bloody Mary in the British Airways lounge, preparing for my holiday, I was listening to episode 80 of the Smart Passive Income podcast. The show featured an interview with Tony Stubblebine, founder of Lift an iPhone and web-based productivity app. The idea is simple:

  • Create a list of goals (or habits)
  • Do them (and log your activities by “checking in”)
  • Get support (in the form of “props” from fellow Lifters)

I recently wrote about being more positive and the underlying principal of this app is exactly the same: positive reinforcement.

I’ve added simple habits like “Blog more” and “Drink more water” as well as more challenging things like “Set priorities for your day” or “Talk to someone new”. I’ve even managed to check in a couple of times to “No Alcohol” – a massive achievement if you’ve ever seen my wine rack!

Screenshot from Lift app I’m generally don’t feel comfortable interacting with the many and varied social platforms out there but this one has really won me over. There’s no fear about posting mundane stuff about your day because it’s sort of the whole point! Combine that with an elegant design and and an easy to use interface, and it actually becomes inviting to use. There aren’t many apps that I return to day after day but this in one of them - I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a bit of self-improvement.

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