List of requirements

I used to work at an agency where projects would come and go with various levels of briefing and organisation. I guess this is par for the course when you work somewhere full-time but I was recently asked the question: “what needs to be in place before you start?”.

After I recovered from the shock of a project manager having the foresight to ask such a question, I put a list together for them. But I’m sure others could find it useful and I’ve no doubt missed a few things, so here it is for anyone who might like to check it out.

What needs to be in place before I start:

  1. A paid deposit (props to @daveliveseyuk)
  2. Remote git repo set up on your platform of choice with push access granted to me.
  3. Staging environment set up with URL as discussed
  4. New database created and named as discussed
  5. Export of existing database as close to project start date as possible
  6. All designs complete
  7. All designs signed off by the client
  8. Documentation from the designers detailing:
    • any animations
    • transitions
    • interactions
    • display of dynamic content (eg. AJAX)
    • hover states
    • error messages
    • or anything else that can’t be communicated via a static mock-up of the design
  9. Any necessary font licenses purchased or custom fonts made available as web fonts
  10. A completed matrix of Information Architecture
  11. A document containing all the copy

We’ll see if any of this materialises; fingers crossed.

In the meantime, if you think I have missed anything, drop me a tweet @guyroutledge and I’ll update the list.

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