What should I name my function

Yesterday, I saw a tweet from @benhowdle that got me thinking.

Devs: trying to name a function, it basically turns “quotes” into “Quote”, so it un-pluralises it and capitalises. function proper() ?

Ben Howdle (@benhowdle) October 31, 2013

I suggested, capitalizeAndUnpluralize() but Ben wasn’t keen on the length of that as a function name. This is a totally legit response but it got me thinking about the age old question of readability

If I saw a function named proper(), I’d have to dig in to find out what it did. If I come across a function named capitaliseAndUnpluralise() I’d have an idea of what I expect it to do: capitalise a word and un-pluralise it. I wouldn’t really need to read the body of the function at all to know exactly what it did as the name conveys meaning. This is largely a good thing - I’m a lazy developer and the less code I have to read and the less I have to think to understand it, the better!

I guess an alternative could have been to have two functions - capitalise() and unpluralise(), both with nice short names and both communicating meaning within them. These could then be chained together to achieve the desired result - or used elsewhere on their own, which is a win for reusability.

Naming things is hard, and it’s a constant battle when writing code. As I work almost exclusively on the front-end of things, I find that my code needs to be more geared towards being read by humans than machines. As such, I lean towards much longer names, as long as it makes the code more readable. However, in other cases such as writing a simple helper function for generating a random number I’d go with rand(min, max) rather than generateRandomNumberBetween(min, max).

Horses for courses, I suppose.

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